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Why You Need A Professional Indemnity Insurance Plan?


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Professionals like doctors, CAs, and engineers always carry the risk of being accused of negligence of their duties or breach of trust. Irrespective of whether such accusations hold any weight or not, they can cause severe financial and professional distress to the charged individuals. A professional indemnity insurance plan can provide several benefits to individuals in that regard.

For instance, lawsuits against doctors have become a fairly common phenomenon in India. Even though most of them are not genuine, they still entail hefty legal expenses. Hence, a professional indemnity insurance policy for doctors can help an individual cover such expenditures with ease.

Several clients today require businesses like that of CAs to hold a PI insurance policy before they commence business relationships. Hence, it may be considered as a form of investment for token professionalism. Aside from that, with such an insurance policy, individuals can pursue legal ends to quash wrongful claims, which stand to mar their reputation.

Data breaches are a leading cause of why litigations are brought against professionals. If in such a profession, it’s best to keep a professional indemnity insurance policy in place to deal with litigations of that sort. One can also bear any additional cost with the help of a professional loan if required.

A professional indemnity insurance policy ensures sufficient financial coverage against a host of litigations and professional encumbrances. Hence, keeping one in place provides peace of mind, especially in professions of such sort.

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