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What Makes a Home Loan EMI Calculator an Essential Tool?

A home loan EMI calculator is an efficient tool that can help in planning your home loans better and can help you in identifying the most gratifying option.

The home loan calculator offers you clarity on what typically happens at the backstage of a loan repayment process. Using a calculator, you get to know about the total liability you are going to bear for a certain period of time. The clarity can help you make informed choices. Here are some of the reasons that make an EMI calculator a crucial tool for home loan borrowers:



The calculators work on mathematical formulas and logic that are programmed that rule out the miscalculation possibilities. The unique formula of EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1] is used in the calculators, making them free from human errors.


Instant calculation helps in comparing different monetary institutions and getting the best out of them. The home loan EMI calculator gives an estimate of fixed monthly liability, aiding you to arrange your expenses as per priority.


EMI calculators work free of cost and do not ask for money, it is a facility provided to the customers without a fee. You can easily find it on the internet and or can access it from the bank’s website.


Earlier people used to visit lending institutions for information on home finance and payable EMI’s, interest rates, tenor periods and every single little thing, but now everything is shifted on the internet and you can calculate everything and get all information on your screen.

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