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Things to Know About Bajaj Finserv’s Pre-Approved Business Loan

· Business Loan

Depending on one's requirement whether to do some renovation work or to start a new venture business loans can act as a lifesaver & an absolute delight for borrowers! The quick, easy & flexible form of Bajaj Finserv pre-approved loans is what makes customers satisfied. Here’s what you should know:

The Speciality That Makes it so Unique

After meeting the eligibility of Bajaj Finserv business Loan:

  • The option for paying only the interest as EMI's is there, the principal amount can be paid later, after completion of tenure.

Low Rate of Interest

  • The loan also comes at an attractive interest rate that is comparatively low and allows flexibility – in the repayment procedure.

Easily Accessible

  • An individual who opts for the loan can manage easily his/her financial account via online portals & by visiting the bank website.

A Higher Amount Provided, to the Applicant

An Extensive Outreach

  • A broader range of individuals is eligible for the loan, irrespective of their involvement in any particular business segment.
  • Such as self-employed individuals, registered business professionals & new venture owners– are all qualified, for the loan.

Easy Documentation & Fast Procedure

  • The verification process is minute and can be completed, with a minimum requirement of documents.
  • For the Pre-Approved Business Loan, you have to submit KYC documents, your business registration certificate that proves the existence of business, previous banking statements along with passport-sized photos.
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